Want to score cheap Broadway tickets..here’s how!!

Do you live in the NJ/NYC area or in a city where broadway shows come on tour?

Did you know there is a way to score highly sought after broadway tickets for as low as $30 each??

I found out about these sites about two years ago thanks to my husband’s coworker.

For those near to NYC there are two options Broadway Direct or Lucky Seat

Broadway Direct is for local folks only as you get notified if you are a winner the day of the show and there are only shows in NYC available. Currently there is a lottery available for a few shows. Right now the list includes Aladdin, The Lion King, The Donna Summer Musical and Kinky Boots.

Broadway Direct is straight forward and Simple. Click the “Enter Now” button for the performance you want to attend and fill out the entry form. Make sure the name you enter matches the name on your photo ID. If you are a winner, you must present a valid, non-expired photo ID at the box office to pick up your tickets.

After the lottery closes, you will be notified via email within minutes as to whether you won or not.

If you are selected as a winner, you have 60 minutes to pay for your tickets online. Major credit cards are accepted.

The same premise goes for Lucky Seat. Lucky Seat is your second option for cheap Broadway tickets. This site has different shows than Broadway Direct. For example they have tickets for Frozen, Mean Girls, Springsteen and many others. 

The one difference here is that you can enter lotteries up to a week in Advance. 

Now here is the best part. Lucky Seat also has tickets to various other cities!

These include Denver, Colorado; London, England; Chicago, Illinois; Boston, Massachusetts, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

It’s worth noting that the the performances in London, Chicago, Boston and Charlotte are for the coveted ticket for Hamilton!!!!

Denver’s performance is for Dear Evan Hansen.

So if you have a free night why not give your luck a try and see if you win one of these awesome lotteries!!!! 


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