Our Visit to Medieval Times

Recently, we visited our local Medieval Times Castle. I had been there once on a class trip when I was in 6th grade (I’m 32 now so that was a long time ago). I didn’t really remember much so this was a new and exciting experience for all of us.

We went in early December so the castle was decorated for the holidays which was a nice treat.

We then checked in- everyone that checks in gets a table is assigned a knight color- ours was green. As you walk into the main waiting area you get a crown in your color.

In the main waiting area before entering the arena you can purchase such as light up swords and shields and princess hats for the little girls. There is also a knighting ceremony for the little kids- we didn’t do this but next time we will. Best of all they have a full stocked drinks bar with adult beverages for us parents.

Finally, after waiting about 30 minutes they began calling guests into the arena by color. It is very organized and you can clearly hear your color being called. We were about the third color called so we made our way up the stairs and into the arena to our table.

Our waitress came by introduced herself and soon we were being served our soup and drinks. Remember- There are no utensils given for your meal unless you ask for them- otherwise enjoy eating with your hands. Our menu was garlic bread, tomato soup, chicken, potato, and ice cream for dessert (you do get a wooden stick to eat your ice cream)

As you eat the battle of the knights begins. It really is a fun and entertaining show. The battle is a series of games in which knights are eliminated one by one eventually culminating in the ultimate battle between two knights. Our knight was eliminated pretty early on which was a bit of a bummer but it was still fun to watch the rest of the games.

If you are looking for a fun way to spend this winter break from work or school or just on any weekend why not head over to Medieval Times. Its a fun way to spend a day with the family. Plan to arrive at least an hour before your scheduled time and the show itself is about two hours. If you are local to the New York/New Jersey area they have a location in Lyndhurst, NJ. However there are 7 other locations around the country and they are..

  • Buena Park, CA
  • Orlando, FL
  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Baltimore, MD ‘
  • Myrtle Beach, SC

There is also an additional location in Ontario Canada.

Disclaimer: Tickets were provided to us complimentary but all opinions expressed in this blog post are my own

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