SpongeBob Party Ideas


“One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think, to have a happy childhood.”
~Agatha Christie

This past summer my son became obsessed with SpongeBob, the lovable yellow sponge and all things that encompassed the show and movies. We spent the majority of summer negotiating over how many episodes to watch in one sitting.

When it came time for my son’s 4th birthday I didn’t really plan on having a party for him because we were returning home from our summer vacation in Florida a week before his birthday. We threw him a small gathering at our beach rental with our summer friends and I thought that would be enough.

Of course I couldn’t resist and a couple weeks before his birthday I decided to throw him a SpongeBob themed birthday at home in New Jersey. I ordered an invitation digital print from ETSY and just texted the image out to our closest family and friends.

I bought a few decorations at my local Party City..AND just my luck the SpongeBob decor was half price!

I had also picked up a few other cute decorations in Florida while on vacation and used them. Here are some of the ideas I used to make this party successful on a budget! This party was held in my parents backyard and they already have a somewhat nautical theme so it was easy to add some basic decorations to make it look cool!

My son loves the jelly fish on the show so I made some jelly fish from paper lanterns and glues two different color paper streamers. I bought the pink lanterns and streamers at my local Party City Store.

We bought this Spongebob wearable mask at Walmart for $16- we’ve used it multiple times and my son lovesss playing dress up with it! The cake was purchased at my local supermarket!


I got most of our party decorations from Walmart for this party.. We also pick up this Pinata


I decorated the cake table with a table cloth from Party City and for the back drop I used a curtain that I found on sale at a party supply store in Miami, FL (Chan’s Silk Flower’s if anyone is local). The beach netting I also picked up at Chan’s- That whole backdrop cost me about $7. The curtains had this flowy pattern that I thought looked like seaweed which is why I picked it up.

cake table

For the guest tables I used plain white cloth table cloths and sprinkled Sponge Bob confetti on them. For centerpieces I used paper pineapples from Party City  and glued them to wooden boards so that they would stand up


This party was planned in a short amount of time so I did the best I could. We arrived home on a Monday and I threw this party that weekend. With a few pinterest ideas I was able to put it together and my baby boy was super happy which is always my  ultimate goal!

(Side Note) This is the link for the Scene Setter  in the first photograph.





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