PuraVida Bracelets..My New Obsession (Exclusive offer for my readers inside)

When I was in Miami this past summer my 15 year old cousin had stickers in her room that said “Pura Vida”. I asked her if she had ever been to Costa Rica and she replied that she had not. “Pura Vida” is the motto used by Costa Ricans translated it means Pure Life. I hear that Costa Ricans truly enjoy life and that is why this is their motto…but I digress.

My cousin explained to me that these stickers arrive whenever you order one of the “Pura Vida” bracelets. I then asked her to show me her bracelets and BAM! I was hooked! just look at their cute pieces and tell me I’m wrong..haha! 

Original - Baja Blast

As much as I like wearing my “real” jewelry I am also a fan of unique pieces that make a statement. Call  me “conceited” but I secretly love when people compliment me on something I am wearing be it clothes or jewelry. 

These bracelets make gifts! What I love the most is that some of their collections are dedicated to various causes such as Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer Awareness, these bracelets made to raise awareness for these causes $2 from each bracelet is donated to the cause it represents! 
The Prices are affordable as well..just check out some of the great deals!

The Baja Blast Bracelet is only $5
Pura Vida’s Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet is only $5 

Pura Vida is offering my readers an EXCLUSIVE 10% off when you enter code PVSAVE10 at checkout.

Plus Free Shipping when you enter code PVBFREESHIP

Check it out here and you will love it!

**Coupon Parents participates in the ShareaSale/Pura Vida Affiliate program. Sales generated from links will receive a small commission**

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