Traveling from LAS VEGAS to the Grand Canyon

So you are in Fabulous Las Vegas but you want to Travel to Arizona and are not sure how? Here is how we did it!!

We rented a car upon our arrival at Mccarran International Airport. We spent a couple of days exploring Las Vegas (I’ll show you everything we did in an upcoming blog post).

On day 3 we packed up an overnight bag and headed to the Grand Canyon. I knew that I wanted to drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim, which is about a 4 hour drive from Las Vegas.

Our first stop was the Hoover Dam which which amazing. What a marvel man built there. The Hoover Dam is just about 30 minutes away from Las Vegas and on the way to Grand Canyon South. If I could do it again, I would explore the Hoover Dam as a day trip from Vegas in order to spend more time there. In all honesty, because we knew we had a long drive ahead of us our visit to the Dam was a little rushed. Nevertheless, we did have a good time and visiting the Hoover Dam was quite an experience.

Hoover Dam

We then drove another 3 hours to Grand Canyon South Rim. We arrived into Tusayan, AZ around 1:00pm. We went straight into Grand Canyon National Park. Because it was Summer I knew we had enough daylight left to enjoy the park and a short hike. We headed straight to the Rim Trail and then decided to hike into the Canyon via the Bright Angel Trail.

View From the Grand Canyon Rim Trail

We had an AMAZING TIME EXPLORING THE CANYON. We then checked into our hotel, The Grand Hotel at the Grand Canyon. The hotel is located in Tusayan, AZ and is right outside the main entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. This place was great and was exactly what we needed to sleep for the night. There are a few other hotels in the area as well.

Tusayan, AZ

We had a decent dinner at a local restaurant named We Cook Pizza and Pasta, however, there are plenty of other choices on the main street of town. during dinner we were even treated to the sighting of a Moose, being so close to nature and wildlife was definitely a great experience.

For breakfast the next morning we went to the Starbucks, which was great! I love that even a small town like Tusayan has a Starbucks!

My 3 year old at Starbucks in Tusayan

We did a little souvenir shopping at the Tusayan General Store, which was such a nice shop. I bought some Holiday Ornaments for our Christmas tree. We started a tradition to buy ornaments from the places we visit.

Then we headed to the most amazing little town called Williams, AZ, which I will talk about in a separate blog post.

After spending some hours in Williams we then headed back to Las Vegas for the rest of the trip. If you are thinking about going to the Grand Canyon while visiting Las Vegas I would definitely do it. I know that there are tours you can pay for from Las Vegas, but those were a little pricey for us so we decided to do it on our own.


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