A cool activity to do with kids

My husband and I are big on learning at home. A couple of weeks ago, Noah’s teacher mentioned that they were learning about insects and that he was fascinated by it.
My husband and I decided we would continue the lesson at home and he went on Amazon and ordered the insect lore butterfly kit.
It arrived in two days (thank you Prime) and the fun began.
We let Noah unbox the kit and my husband read the instructions to him.

 Next, we set the kit up in his bedroom so that he could document the process every day. My husband got him a notebook and they began making observations with Noah dictating what he saw and then drawing pictures of the observations. (As you already know, we are teachers so everything becomes a teachable moment). Noah was so excited to show everyone who came to the house.

We watched the caterpillars grow and then wrap themselves up in the chrysalis

 Finally, the transformation was complete and we have some beautiful butterflies.

This has been a really a fun activity and Noah would always be excited to check his “babies” in the morning when he woke up. I have to say even as an adult I found the whole process of watching a caterpillar become a butterfly is quite amazing.
We did try to let them go yesterday, but I am not quite sure they were ready. They would not even fly out of their cage, my husband even took one in his hand, and it did not fly. We put them back in their cage and brought them back inside. We will try again perhaps when the sun is out 🙂 

                         Link for Noah’s Lightning Mcqueen Umbrella is below…

                If you are interested in trying it out the link to buy the kit is below 🙂

Link to buy the INSECT LORE KIT 
Link to Buy Noah’s Umbrella – Lightning McQueen Umbrella 

**This is an affiliate link. However
, I bought this kit on my own and was not paid for my opinion**


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