Our experience with Elf on the Shelf "Letters to Santa Kit"

First, we read the book that comes with the box, which tells the story of how the Elf will deliver our letter to Santa.

Second, we took “Santa’s special paper” and used the two markers that were included. My son who is 3 can’t write yet but he drew on the paper and then I asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him. I made sure to write the year at the top and “Noah’s Christmas List”.

After he finished I read the instructions on how to shrink it to “elf size” so that our Elf on the Shelf, Chase could bring it to Santa. (I forgot to take pictures of this part). In any case, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. Put the special paper in between the two included pieces of parchment paper written side up. Finally cover the parchment paper with “Mrs Clause’s Magic Press” (included in kit).

Wait 5-7 minutes and the paper will shrink to elf size! Loop the included ribbon and it becomes an ornament for the tree as a keepsake. Chase will deliver the letter to the North Pole and then return the ornament to us as a keepsake. How cute is this?!?

I loved it so much and my son loved it too!!!!

In all the kit includes 22 pieces 
-The Book
-8 pages of Santa’s Special Paper
-8 Ribbon Ties
-2 pieces of Parchment Paer
-Mrs. Claus’s Special Magic Press

-2 Markers 

If you want to buy this kit go here..

Or click below!


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