7 sites you need in your life!!!! (Trust us you will LOVE them)

1. Cashback Sites — Cashback sites are exactly what they sound like — they give you cash back on almost all your online purchases! Shopping at JCPenney? Purchase it through a site like Topcashback.com to get savings added right back to your bank account! Cashback seems to generally average around 8.5%.  Topcashback is great, but make sure when you join you take advantage of their freebies that they give you, we’ve seen everything from free paper towels to free legos and more!
2. Online Groceries Sites — Save with codes and competitive promos. There are so many places to shop online, and because of the competition if you keep your eyes open, you can get GREAT DISCOUNTS of your whole order!  Some examples of some really great deals are competitive online grocers like Jet.com and Thrive Market. Jet.com is new to the grocery game, and as an incentive is now offering 20% off your ENTIRE grocery order with code SAVEFRESH20 or TRIPLE15 to save 15% on your first 3 purchases. A favorite organic grocer Thrive Market, is offering a 35% savings AND free shipping on your first order (load up on that one!)
3. The Total Solution Site — Looking for a great place to get household goods like cleaning supplies, party supplies, gifts and crafts?  Check out Hollar.com! In fact, plan Johnny’s party from decor to gifts without leaving the house! At Hollar you will find items marked at a fraction of the regular price that you you would find at a brick and mortar store!
4. Diaper Sites — If you are buying diapers, you DEFINITELY shouldn’t be dragging the crew to pick them up! My favorite boutique-y diaper service is Honest Co. They have your baby’s bum in their best interest — only using the most wholesome of elements to construct a leak-proof and healthy solution for your baby’s diapering needs  — in the most adorable fashion. Oh, and of course, they ALWAYS have great introductory offers ranging from a first time free trial,  to 40% savings on your first bundle!
5. Wine Sites — You finally get those little ones off to bed, look forward to pouring a glass of wine, and uh oh… you need to make a run to the wine store. Put your feet up!!! There are now sites that will keep the wine flowing to you without leaving your home, and you’ll STILL get a deal on it!! Both Heartwood and Oak and WSJ Wine have quality wine for $5.99 a bottle, free shipping, oh and none of that weird awkwardness of dragging the kids through the liquor shop!
6. The Snack Site — STOP IMPULSE SHOPPING YOUR SNACKS! The grown up, healthy way to snack is through Graze. Want to check it out before you buy? So do we! Redeem your FREE supply of delish snacks delivered right to your door. You’ll be satisfied and left feeling satisfied. You’re welcome!
7. The Coffee Site –Have you ever been out of coffee?  Subscription coffee services are all the rage, but before you pull the trigger, don’t fall for the same deal you find on the shelf at your local coffee supply, you can do better! Leverage Amora Coffee to get yourself a 74% discount on your first order! Get your fill of caffeine AND be satisfied that once again, you beat the system!

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