How much is too much for Christmas?!?

Last year a picture went viral of a mom who had gifts piled up to the top of her tree..she criticized heavily for forgetting what the true meaning of Christmas was..What are your thoughts? I of course am of the thinking “to each its own” BUT, I don’t think I would ever go so overboard with my son.

Don’t get me wrong my son gets PLENTY of gifts. I have a HUGE family so he got so many toys last year..police cars, dump trucks, tricycle, train much!! I bought him alot of toys too, which are now dumped in the playroom somewhere.

This year I decided I wasn’t going to go too crazy in buying him tons of gifts because my family will take care of it all. I really don;t think its necessary because he already has tons of toys plus he is only two and I’m not entirely sure he gets the concept of Santa and presents yet, but, I digress…So I have bought him two things so far. he Battle of the Pridelands Lion Guard Playset and the Lion Guard Figurines. He loves this show and so these are the two main things I got him.

For stocking a stuffers I went with this Thomas the Train Toothbrush and this PJ Masks Giant Coloring Pages.  

I know that I need to get him a couple of other things but like I said I don’t want to go overboard? Any ideas???


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