Earn Cash Back on all of your online purchases and more ways to save!

It’s no secret that here at Coupon Parents we are MAJOR couponing fanatics! We are obsessed with making and saving money! As a result of our obsession we belong to a whole bunch of Facebook groups dedicated to all things couponing and saving money. I compiled a bunch of money saving and cash back methods all into one neat list!! So here you you go and enjoy!!

#1 and most important rule is Sign up for Ebates! earn cash back on every single purchase from retailers! You get a certain percentage back through every purchase you make!!
Try it at…www.ebates.com

2- Sign up for automated savings account right from your phone! I use Digit! It’s super easy and user friendly and FDIC insured: Try it at…www.digit.com
3– save money by clipping coupons, take your savings and put it in your change jar or in your automated savings account. Best coupons are at coupons.com

4-Apply for a Target RedCard www.target.com Earn 5% back when you buy anything and everything…Works on Sale Items too!!
5- Answer surverys and earn points toward gift cards with InstaGC at http://instagc.com/1123917

6-Sign up for Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an app and website where You earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. See the link below

7- Sign up for Ibotta grocery rebate App!
Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use this link and you can earn an extra $10. Sign up at https://ibotta.com/r/mhsryxs

8- Download the Shopkick App. You get points for certain tasks and shopping at certain stores. Points can be redeemed for target cards!

9- don’t have enough money to buy stocks invest small amounts ($5 or more) withe the Acorns App! When you are ready sell your stocks. It’s easy! Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use this link!!

10- Another savings idea! Apply for the target card and save 5% on a gift card purchase  


Then sign up for Ebates..make sure you click through target as your retailer on the Ebates website and get 2% cash back on your GC purchase!!


Example: $100 Giftcard is $95 with target card..an additional 2% cash back through Ebates make your Giftcard $93.10!! Every little bit helps!!

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