How to vacation with kids stress free (Well, almost)

Summer is right around the corner and what does this mean..It means vacations!!!!!

Vacations are excellent ways to relax, unwind, forget the daily grind and have fun with your family, but is it fun traveling with small kids?? is it worth it??
First, lets begin with how we are getting to our destination. You can drive, take a train, boat, or plane. Most of us will choose to travel by plane since it is the quickest way to get there. My airline of choice is United Airlines. If your child is under two years old I would highly recommend not paying for a seat. They can be just as comfortable sitting on your lap. Save the money while you can. Kids who ride on laps do not pay. However, expect to pay full price if you choose to buy your child a seat and also they will need to be strapped into an FAA regulated car seat. The car seat we have is the Britax Marathon..However, there are alot of Car Seats to choose from on websites such as Amazon

Now if you do choose to bring your car seat with you DO NOT forget to bring you Car Seat Travel Bag as you can check your car seat with luggage free of charge on most major carriers (I know this is a definite on United) 

Also make sure you bring enough Snacks and entertainment..A tablet, Ipad, toys, crayons, coloring books, etc…all the things you know your kids will love and enjoy...Amazon is offering the Kindle Fire for kids for  just $79.99 and if your kids break it they will replace it free of charged and no questions asked 
Now..what else bring on this trip. Lets say for the purposes of this blog post you are headed to a warm beach location.
When I get to my beach location I want to have an Inflatable Pool so that my baby can relax in it. My son also loved the Swim Ways Inflatable Float With Canopy available on Amazon.
 Pampers Swim Diapers are the best for being in the ocean/pool, so that is what I am buying, My baby is using Size “4” diapers so I am buying him size “5” in the swim diapers. 
I am not a fan of hotel cribs so I am choosing to take my own Pack N’ Play, the one I use is Graco Pack N’Play

My son is a good traveler so I can’t complain..When we travel by airplane I always make sure to have his pacifier or a bottle of water as we are taking off so his ears don’t get “clogged”.

Here is a list of things I always bring on vacation..I have traveled many times with my son and he does so well. All of these items and more are available on Amazon.
– Swim trunks and rash guards, Diapers, Swim Diapers, Water shoes, Pack N’Play, Car Seat, Car Seat Base, towels, wash cloths, sling for bath, 2 outfits per day. Shoes, socks, hats, onesies, diapers, wipes, desitin or A &D suntan lotion (SpF 30 or 50). 


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