How to make a little extra money..quickly and easily

So we all wish we could stay home and earn alot of money while at the same time be able to care for our kids. However, maybe you dont want to join direct sales companies like Younique or Jamberry or Itworks..But there are some ways to make some extra money quick and easy.

I have researched alot of websites and programs and I have compiled a list of the most popular and legitimate websites. Some of these may seem like work but honestly you can do all of these while your kids are napping or while you are sitting on the couch watching television!

1. Want to make an easy $100…Why not sign up for and take surveys on issues that matter..Most of the surveys have to do about government and policy issues. You get about 500-1000 points for each survey that can be exchanged for gift cards and cash…it’s very quick to earn $100..PLUS refer your friends and earn points when they complete’s very very easy!

2.  sign up for automated savings account right from your phone! I use Digit! It’s super easy and user friendly and FDIC insured

3- Sign up for Ebates! earn cash back on every single purchase from retailers! cards even cheaper! Get $10 instant cash or $10 Walmart GC when you sign up. you also get $75 when you refer 3 friends..become a power refferer and earn even more!!!!!!! So far I have made $200

4- Sign up for Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an app and website where You earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. See the link below Redeem your points for Paypal and Giftcards! So far I have made $100 in paypal moneyl

5- Sign up for Ibotta grocery rebate App!
Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use this link and you can earn an extra $10 when you redeem your first rebare. Sign up at

Everyone you refer earns you $5 and becomes a team member and you all can earn cash back together!

Think about it…if you refer 100 people you can earn $500 dollars.

6. Every heard of a free App called Qricket..Well its so easy..just download the app and enter this referral code when you sign in..683970..THe referral code gives you 25 free can win anywhere from 5cents to $100…it’s so easy and FREE.

WHat is it? Well you watch videos and you earn spins..refer friends and earn $1 per friend. Another Easy way to earn money.

I will continue to update this list as I find more easy and free ways to make extra money..

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