Creative ways to save for your next Disney Trip

It’s no secret that here at Coupon Parents we are MAJOR Disney fanatics!! We are obsessed! As a result of our obsession we belong to a whole bunch of Facebook groups dedicated to all things Disney. In this group members have started threads where we discuss tips and tricks used to save for disney! I compiled them all into one neat list!! So here you you go and enjoy!!

Ways to save for your next Magical vacation

1- Open a Disney Vacation Account- This money will be automatically drafted from your account at a interval of your choosing and in the amounts you choose.

2- Sign up for automated savings account right from your phone! I use Digit! It’s super easy and user friendly and FDIC insured: Try it at…

3- Sign up for Ebates! earn cash back on every single purchase from retailers! Order gift cards on Target through Ebates and get the gift cards even cheaper! Try it at…

4- Start a change jar at home! Label it “Dimes for Disney” or Quarters for Magic. Make it a game and have your family put in all their change in the jar! Don’t touch it until your ready to go on vacation.

5- save money by clipping coupons, take your savings and put it in your change jar or in your automated savings account. Best coupons are at

6- FB Group Member Idea “Rent a villa using DVC points. Order from garden grocer and cook your breakfast in your hotel room! Save tons of money”.

7-Apply for a target Card Earn 5% back when you buy Disney gift cards-example a $100 Giftcard will cost you $95 and if you use Ebates you can earn cash back on that purchase

8- Answer survery sand earn points toward gift cards with InstaGC at

9-Sign up for Swagbucks. Swagbucks is an app and website where You earn reward points for doing things like searching the web, shopping, watching videos and answering surveys. You can redeem those points for all kinds of gift cards. See the link below

10- Sign up for Ibotta grocery rebate App!
Check out Ibotta to get cash back! Use this link and you can earn an extra $10. Sign up at

11- FB group Member Idea “buy stocks – if your employer offers a matching program (Walmart for example) and then sell them before your vacation”

12- Disney FB group member Idea: “My son started a “swear jar” and used all the money for Disney… He would even get strangers… Who would often give him change because they thought it was cute. Curse words as well as stupid, shut up, fart etc. counted… The kid racked up!”

14- Apply for Disney Credit Card from Chase and earn Disney reward dollars that can be used in the Disney Parks!

15- Download the Shopkick App. You get points for certain tasks and shopping at certain stores. Points can be redeemed for target cards!

16- Disney FB group member Idea: “download the Walmart savings catcher app,the walmart app compares local prices and gives you back the money on giftcard”

15- Member Idea “sign up for Disney movie rewards and redeem points for gift cards”

16- don’t have enough money to buy stocks invest small amounts ($5 or more) withe the Acorns App! When you are ready sell your stocks. It’s easy! Start investing with Acorns today! Get $5 when you use this link!!

17- FB group member idea:”Buy discount target cards on sites like or and then buy Disney gift cards at target! Use your target card for additional 5% off

18. FB group member idea: “We do the Up coin jar. Each pay day we get two rolls of quarters and open them into a jar. So that’s  $20 a week for 52 weeks”

19- Another savings idea! Apply for the target card and save 5% on a gift card purchase

Then sign up for Ebates..make sure you click through target as your retailer on the Ebates website and get 2% cash back on your GC purchase!!

Example: $100 Giftcard is $95 with target additional 2% cash back through Ebates make your Giftcard $93.10!! Every little bit helps!!

20- FB group Member Idea “Another thing that we have done is take advantage of the dependent care benefit if your work provides that option and if you have kids in daycare….. Then we wait to file a claim until vacation or file a claim and move it to our vacation fund”

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